Dead by Daylight Teases Next Chapter's Killer

Behaviour Interactive is setting the stage for another Dead by Daylight Chapter with some teasers giving players an idea of who or what they might play as in the next expansion. It appears that this Chapter is directly connected to the events which took place in the Shattered Bloodline Chapter that led to the release of The Spirit, but the community remains undecided on who or what the next Killer might be.

The trailer from Behaviour that teases the currently unnamed Chapter 14 can be seen above. If you’ve seen the trailer for Shattered Bloodline that told the story of Rin Yamaoka, you’ll know the background of The Spirit, a Japanese woman who made a pact with The Entity to seek vengeance on her father after he killed her. This latest trailer takes place in the same household and shows the aftermath of that attack where blood and scenes of violence are found, though things seem to be moving in reverse.

As the trailer comes to a close, it centers on an Oni mask hanging on the wall. If past Dead by Daylight are any indication of what’s to come, it seems like this will be the face players see chasing them if they’re on the receiving end of the next Killer’s wrath.

Previous teasers from the Dead by Daylight Twitter account showed that something was missing above the mask. This absent sword will probably be the weapon that the new Killer uses during its hunts.


Within the Dead by Daylight community, there are some mixed opinions on who will be the next Killer. Some think that it’s The Spirit’s father who killed her, though others think that might be too obvious. Japanese folklore indicates that an Oni is born from a vile soul with the purpose of enacting punishments on others who deserve them. Perhaps this Oni Killer will be seeking out The Spirit’s father to distribute its own kind of vengeance, or maybe the Oni is the father himself who’s died and been reborn as the demon.

Whatever the next Killer may or may not be, Behaviour should be showing players more about this next Chapter soon. It’ll likely come with a Killer, a Survivor, and another map, though we’ll know for sure ahead of its release before it comes to test servers and eventually goes live for everyone.