Dead by Daylight Is Adding Cross-Play

Cross-play is coming to Dead by Daylight, developer Behaviour Interactive announced on Tuesday during a special stream for the game’s fourth anniversary. The feature that’s been coming to more and more games after a few games first broke through the cross-play barrier and got PlayStation involved was confirmed for Dead by Daylight as one of several projects that Behaviour Interactive is working on. A timeframe for the release of the feature said that it’d be released in more than one wave with a full cross-play release encompassing all platforms except for mobile planned for some time before the end of the year.

Stefan Beauchamp-Daniel, producer on Dead by Daylight, spoke about the cross-play feature during the livestream event and confirmed alongside game director Mathieu Côté that the feature would come to the game this year. The producer said a new option will be added to the game to allow players to search through their friends and other players across different platforms. After finding who they want to play with, players can squad up with their friends to take part in modes like Surviving With Friends as well as private matches.

As for the release timing for the cross-play feature, players on the PC platform will be able to try out the new content first. That’s the typical process for new Dead by Daylight features and Chapters since that’s where the test servers are held, so PC players will have the first chance at seeing how well cross-play works in Dead by Daylight.

That preview release will be the first wave of cross-play for Dead by Daylight. After that, a second wave will be available at some point before the end of the year. That second wave will extend cross-play to the rest of the platforms except for mobile which includes the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch platforms alongside PC.


Always associated with cross-play is the idea of cross-progression, and that’s an idea that’s on the mind of the Dead by Daylight team as well. Cross-progression is currently being discussed for Dead by Daylight and is something that the team would like to add, but specifics weren’t discussed during the livestream event.

Aside from cross-play coming to Dead by Daylight, the other big news from the anniversary stream was that Silent Hill is coming to the game with the next Chapter. Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason will be added to the game in June along with the Midwich Elementary School map, and you can test that content now on the PC test servers.

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