Silent Hill Is Coming to Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is adding content from the acclaimed Silent Hill franchise to the multiplayer [...]

Dead by Daylight is adding content from the acclaimed Silent Hill franchise to the multiplayer game in the next licensed Chapter, developer Behaviour Interactive announced on Tuesday. Pyramid Head, the iconic and malevolent force from the Silent Hill games, will be added as the game's new Killer and will be known as "The Executioner." On the side opposite the Killers will be Cheryl Mason who's being added as a Survivor. Players will be able to try out all these two characters and the new Midwich Elementary School map first on the test servers that are going live on Tuesday, and the full Chapter will be available starting on June 16th.

Behaviour Interactive announced its latest licensed Chapter during a livestream event which previously promised an "iconic" horror license would be revealed. Silent Hill certainly delivers on that promise as one of the most fitting Chapters Dead by Daylight players could hope for amid the game's fourth anniversary celebrations. It's the second licensed Chapter the game's received that's based on another video game series, the first being Left 4 Dead from long ago.

Speaking to ahead of the Silent Hill announcement, Dead by Daylight game director Mathieu Côté said conversations with Konami about the Chapter began around eight months ago. Konami offered guidelines on how the Silent Hill content should be handled while offering Behaviour some freedom to recreate the characters and unique cosmetics. Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka even expressed interest in Dead by Daylight and worked with Behaviour's composer Michel April to create new music for the Chapter.

"They knew what we were trying to do," Côté said about the conversations with Konami. "They knew what the parameters and limitations and requirements were. So that was really, really easy to do. Also, they were familiar with the project, which helped."

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill
(Photo: Behaviour Interactive)

Côté said the version of Pyramid Head in the game is based on the character's appearance from Silent Hill 2 while Cheryl's is based on her appearance from Silent Hill 3. The Midwich Elementary School map comes from the first Silent Hill.

While the characters' perks weren't revealed ahead of the announcement, we found out what Pyramid Head can do. The Executioner sports a massive knife which serves as the main melee weapon and has an alternate attack that creates a shockwave which can travel through objects. As for the Killer's power, we learned that he uses his blade to drag trenches across the map which will afflict Survivors with the new Tormented status effect if they cross them. Being Tormented means that Pyramid Head won't even need a hook to sacrifice you – he can use his ability to try and kill you on the spot.

"In this case, if you are Tormented, Pyramid Head will be able to essentially summon a Cage of Atonement, which is very much inspired by that sort of deathbed cage thing from Silent Hill," Côté said. "So it'll be built around you and you will be sort of sacrificed on the spot where you are."

Other Survivors will of course be able to help you, and you can try and get yourself out if you want, but doing so could end in failure and a quicker sacrifice. Côté said Pyramid Head's perks are built around sneaking up on people and enacting his judgment while catching them by surprise.

Behaviour is also adding a new feature to the game called "Legendary Outfits" that'll let players play as yet another Silent Hill character. This optional outfit in the store will turn Cheryl into Lisa Garland from Silent Hill. The progression and perks will stay the same, but the character's appearance will change entirely. Côté said we'll see these Legendary Outfits more in the future, but for now, they're starting with Silent Hill. Konami also allowed Behaviour to create unique versions of Pyramid Head, so expect to see those cosmetics as options for Pyramid Head when the Chapter releases.

Dead by Daylight's Silent Hill Chapter will be available on June 16th on PC and consoles with a mobile release planned for a later date.