Dead by Daylight Sweepstakes Offers a PS5 Bundle Valued at $4,000

Dead by Daylight players – or really anyone who’s remotely interested in the game or just [...]

Dead by Daylight players – or really anyone who's remotely interested in the game or just wants a new console – have a chance right now to win a pretty unique PlayStation 5. The game's developers, Behaviour Interactive, partnered with Takeoff Creative to come up with a custom PlayStation 5 featuring one of the game's original Killers known as The Trapper. Only one of these consoles exists, and according to the sweepstakes rules, the bundle featuring the console and a controller is valued at around $4,000.

You can check out the custom Dead by Daylight PlayStation 5 below in the video that shows the process of constructing the console and then the final product. It features the Trapper's mask bursting through the center of the console along with the Dead by Daylight logo in the top-right corner of the PlayStation 5 opposite the PlayStation logo. Those are just the features you'll notice first, however, since essentially every other part of the console has been redesigned to fit the Dead by Daylight themes as well.

While the console is indeed unique, the design might look a bit familiar to Dead by Daylight players or to Xbox users. That's because a similar device was given away not long ago that featured The Trapper, too, but that design was affixed to an Xbox Series S.

The Xbox sweepstakes that's over now consisted of a non-functional art piece featuring the design as well as an actual Xbox Series S and a controller which brought the valued total to approximately $598. However, the PlayStation sweepstakes makes no mention of the console being non-functional and comes with only that console and the controller. It's surprising then to see that the PlayStation 5 bundle is valued at approximately $4,000 compared to the Xbox prize, but it appears that's the value that's been settled on unless it's some sort of typo.

To enter the sweepstakes for the custom PlayStation 5, all you have to do is follow the typical rules of these social media contests. You get one entry each for different actions including following the Dead by Daylight Twitter account and visiting other social media platforms for a total of four different entry options. The sweepstakes ends on July 23rd with the winner being announced on August 23rd.