Dead by Daylight Halloween Event Gives Players Free Items Just for Logging In

Halloween is basically the peak holiday season for a game like Dead by Daylight which means there’s of course plenty of features and content to take in during the game’s Eternal Blight event. Live starting this week and continuing into November, The Eternal Blight includes new cosmetics, the return of the gnarly Pustula Flowers, and a new chapter in the game’s lore for all those invested in the story. For those who just want to get some free stuff for doing something as simple as logging in to the game, you’re in luck as well.

Starting on October 24th, Dead by Daylight players can get free Bloodpoints and free Iridescent Shards each day as part of the Candied Currency portion of the Eternal Blight event. The former allows players to purchase things from Bloodwebs for their Survivors and Killers while the latter can be used to buy Teachable Perks and to buy original characters from the in-game store. If you keep logging in to Dead by Daylight from now until November 4th, you’ll have many more Bloodpoints and Iridescent Shards available to spend.

October 24-30 and November 1-4 are timeframes that you should hit if possible since you’ll get lots of rewards from those days, but the real sweet spot during the event is October 30 to November 1st. It’s during those days – right around Halloween – when players will get the most of each type of currency. You’ll get 100,000 Bloodpoints and 2,750 Iridescent Shards for logging in during that timeframe which will likely put you much closer to buying whatever it is you’ve been eyeing.

If you’re looking to score even more Bloodpoints during the event, keep an eye out for special hooks and generators to use as a Survivor or Killer that’ll grant you more Bloodpoints for interacting with them. Survivors who interact with Pustula Flowers can also get more Bloodpoints and other rewards as part of the new Tome that’s been unlocked during the event. A new universal, event-only add-on for Killers called “Blighted Serum” lets them interact with the flowers as well to grant a burst of speed after hooking a Survivor. It won’t grant Killers Bloodpoints on their own just from interacting with it, but you can translate that speed boost into more successful rounds and therefore more Bloodpoints in the end.

Dead by Daylight’s Eternal Blight event is live now until November 4th.