Dead by Daylight Teases Jigsaw as Next Killer

Dead by Daylight players are about to take part in a different kind of game with Saw’s Jigsaw [...]

Dead by Daylight players are about to take part in a different kind of game with Saw's Jigsaw being teased as the newest Killer.

The teaser for Dead by Daylight's newest Killer comes from a teaser video that shows everything a Saw fanatic would need to see in order to put the pieces together. With a camera facing a dark room, a ticking timer, and a mannequin head in sight that was likely used to help size the trap next to it that appears to be the infamous Reverse Beartrap, all signs point to Jigsaw as the next Killer. Couple that with the end of the video where it says "let's play a game" and there's hardly anything else it could be besides Jigsaw.

Even though this teaser is the first confirmation of a new Killer coming, there were signs that something was on the way, players just didn't know what that something was. Mathieu Cote, the game director at developer Behaviour Interactive, has been teasing players himself with a couple of agonizing tweets, one of which again mentioned playing a game like the teaser video did.

But one of the biggest questions still remains: How will Jigsaw mesh with Dead by Daylight's gameplay? The game involves four Survivors running around while trying to restore generators and escape a map, all while one Killer hunts them down and attempts to sacrifice them. There's quite a bit of movement and force required from the Killer in all of this, so while John Kramer is indeed the original Jigsaw, he doesn't exactly fit the bill as a Killer unless Behaviour Interactive modifies his gameplay or beefs him up with power from the Entity. Controlling Billy, the eerie tricycle-riding puppet that Jigsaw uses in the movies, is also an option, but the puppet isn't exactly an imposing force on its own. Controlling a disciple of Jigsaw such as a pig mask-wearing Killer seems like a viable option, but whatever Behaviour goes with, you can expect there to be a huge emphasis on traps and games.

An official reveal of whichever Jigsaw variation is being added to Dead by Daylight is expected to come soon as the character joins other iconic characters like Leatherface, Michael Myers, and recently Freddy Krueger.