Dead by Daylight Reveals New Killer

Behaviour Interactive released a new Dead by Daylight trailer this week to confirm what the next Chapter will be called and what it’ll consists of. It’s called “Cursed Legacy,” and like other Chapters before it, it comes with a new Survivor, Killer, and another map. While the perks and abilities of the Survivor and Killer haven’t been revealed yet, it’s been confirmed that this new Killer is The Oni just as some players suspected from the previous teasers.

The trailer for this Cursed Legacy Chapter can be seen above to show a stylish, cinematic look at what the new Killer and Survivor look like. The Killer is The Oni, the Survivor is Kimura Yui, and the new map is Sanctum of Wrath. Judging from the settings that were shown in the trailer, it doesn’t look like we’ve seen what the new Sanctum of Wrath map will look like just yet.

Because they have special powers unlike the Survivors who only have perks, the theories about what the Killers can do are typically more entertaining than speculations about the Survivors. It’s difficult to imagine what The Oni could do based on this teaser alone though since it just appears behind the new Survivor after apparently following her down a winding road even though she was traveling at high speeds. The Oni’s eyes glow red upon confronting her, so perhaps this has something to do with its ability being activated, or perhaps it’s just meant to look imposing. This new Killer is also an absolute unit, compared to the Survivor at least, but this could just be a cinematic effect that’ll be toned down in the game to make The Oni comparable to The Trapper or someone similar.

Whatever the Killer’s power and perks may be, it’s clear that the being will use the katana as its primary weapon for striking down Survivors. This appears to be the same weapon and the same mask which were seen – or not seen in the sword’s case – during last week’s teaser. Dead by Daylight’s most recent trailer before this one above showed the scene where the events of the Shattered Bloodline Chapter transpired, but there was a sword missing from the wall. An Oni mask glowed red with fire around it in the trailer which first lead to the speculation that the next Killer would be The Oni, though whether the Killer’s former identity is connected to the characters from Shattered Bloodlines or not is unclear.

Dead by Daylight’s Cursed Legacy Chapter will land on the test servers first to reveal the new characters’ details before it goes live for everyone.