Dead by Daylight Trailer Shows Off Scream's Ghostface

The next Dead by Daylight Killer has officially been revealed to be Ghostface from the Scream [...]

The next Dead by Daylight Killer has officially been revealed to be Ghostface from the Scream series, and we've got a new trailer from Behaviour Interactive to show him off. Behaviour's trailer blurs the line between CGI and live-action with some realistic-looking animations and shows the Killer taking down an unsuspecting clerk at a hardware store. This trailer didn't show off the Killer's perks and his power yet, but if you've been following along with some of the Dead by Daylight leaks which surfaced before this reveal, you'll already have an idea of what Ghostface is capable of.

While the trailer was a short one for Ghostface, it's only a preview for what's to come during Behaviour's big livestream that's coming up soon. Dead by Daylight is turning three years old, and to celebrate the occasion, Behaviour is having its biggest livestream ever, according to the studio. The stream is scheduled to start on May 31st at 3 p.m. ET, and based on what the livestream schedule has said, Ghostface will cap off the end of the event when the dev team will discuss the Killer's background, perks, and power. Neither a new Survivor nor map have been announced yet, but there's a chance that'll be revealed during the event since Ghostface is part of a Chapter unlike Evil Dead's Ash Williams who was a standalone character.

But as mentioned previously, we've already seen what the Killer can do. Ghostface was leaked when an update went out for Dead by Daylight that unintentionally added the character to give everyone a look at the Killer's in-game appearances and ability. The two-image gallery below shows off one of these perks and the power that allows Ghostface to move stealthily while crouching and leaning around corners. By activating the primary ability called Shrouded Hunt, Ghostface's terror radius is removed and Survivors can be marked with an exposed status to allow for easier tracking once the chase is on. It's an ability that sounds like it'll be an attractive option for anyone who considers themselves to be a Michael Myers main and wants to branch out.

Behaviour acknowledged the leak then and did so again with the tweet that revealed this trailer which asked people to act surprised. The studio has been teasing its livestream event everyday leading up to May 31st, so expect to see something more from Behaviour tomorrow before Ghostface's reveal and the rest of the announcements take place.