'Dead Space' Creator Would Love To Make A New One

Do you want to see a new Dead Space? Of course you do, and so does its creator Glen [...]

deas space
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Do you want to see a new Dead Space? Of course you do, and so does its creator Glen Schofield.

During a recent episode of the The Game Informer Show, Schofield was asked of all the games he worked on -- which is a lot -- what one would he like to make a sequel for. And apparently of every game he's worked on, Schofield is itching to get back to the sci-fi survival-horror series, noting that not only would he love to make one, but hopes to make one someday in the future.

As for what type of sequel he'd want to make, Schofield says he'd want it to be not too attached to the lore of the second and third games in the trilogy, simply because things got complex at that point.

That said, Schofield acknowledges that Dead Space 4 is a hard-sell in today's market, especially to EA, who's become decreasingly less interested in single-player games and more interested in chasing the games-as-a-service money. So, hypothetically, if the series did come back, it may have some type of multiplayer or co-op component.

Beyond the prospect of making just another Dead Space, Scholfield also revealed that ideally whatever he does next will be something sci-fi and "dark," or in other words, something similar to the vibe of Alien or even Mass Effect, just much darker.

Anyway, all of this is just a summary of what Scholfield talked about on the show. So, if you want more finer details and specifics, make sure to check out the whole Game Informer video here.

Unfortunately, in the interview Scholfield -- who left Sledgehammer Games (a company he co-founded) and Activision last December -- doesn't reveal what he's doing next, but hopefully it's something sci-fi related.

As always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Would you like to see a new Dead Space?


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