Dead Space Creator Is Working on a "AAAA" Game

For the uninitiated, a Triple-A game refers to a major release from a company. A new Halo, Zelda, or Grand Theft Auto game might be described in this way, as it typically refers to games that have massive budgets, and bigger sales goals. Former Dead Space creative director Glen Schofield, however, has even loftier ambitions. Last year, Schofield was named the CEO of Striking Distance, PUBG Corporation's newest studio. While Striking Distance's latest project has not yet been revealed, Schofield recently told VentureBeat that the game is quite ambitious, and should actually be considered bigger than a Triple-A title.

"We have a seasoned group here," Schofield told VentureBeat. "We hope to just make something triple-A. We're actually calling it quad-A. We want to go above and beyond and make something special."

The new game will be "narrative-focused," and will expand on the lore established in PlayerUnknown's Battleground. No additional details have been offered, as of this writing. In addition to his work on Dead Space, Schofield most recently worked with Activision on Call of Duty: World War II. According to Schofield, PUBG Corporation has given the CEO quite a bit more freedom to create the type of game that he would want to play.

It will be interesting to see what Schofield and Striking Distance will be able to create with this freedom. Both Dead Space and Call of Duty: World War II released to strong reviews, with the former spawning its own franchise for Electronic Arts. Given how both games turned out, it certainly sounds like Schofield's next project could live-up to that "quad-A" goal. At the very least, fans of those games should look forward to seeing how Schofield will be able to stretch his creative muscles in his new role.


Of course, it does make sense that Schofield would have some creative freedom, given the fact that the narrative surrounding PUBG has been fairly limited, thus far. Despite the battle royale game's massive popularity, PUBG Corporation has made few attempts to flesh out the world in the games. However, last summer, a trailer was released hinting at a dark origin for the Battlegrounds. Whether or not this scene will play a role in the narrative for Schofield's new game remains to be seen, but given the darker narrative of Dead Space, Schofield could prove to be the perfect fit.

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