Death Stranding Update Adds Free Cyberpunk 2077 Missions and Items

A newly released, free update to Death Stranding on PC has added a whole bunch of Cyberpunk 2077 content to the popular video game in the form of new missions, items, and more. The trailers specifically released for the update show off protagonist Sam Bridges sporting Johnny Silverhand's sunglasses and even his robotic arm. This is far from the first time the two video games have collided, but it is by far the most extensive crossover to date.

In addition to the Cyberpunk 2077 cosmetics and missions, the new update adds a new hacking mechanic that Sam Bridges can use against enemy machines. "Porters will have the ability to stop Mule sensor poles from activating for a limited time, stun enemy Odradeks and hack Mule trucks to stop them in their tracks," the update notes read in part.

Death Stranding is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Kojima Productions right here. Cyberpunk 2077 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC -- but you should probably steer clear of the console versions for now. It is also available to play on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S with a free upgrade releasing later to take advantage of the next-gen hardware. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the recently released video game right here.


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