New Death Stranding Trailer Teased

Hideo Kojima appears to be teasing the reveal of a new Death Stranding trailer, one that’ll hopefully show off some more of what the PlayStation exclusive is actually about. As Kojima’s done with past reveals, the creator known for the Metal Gear Solid franchise and the new Death Stranding game took to Twitter to show off his workstation where he seems to be working on another trailer.

The image Kojima shared can be seen below, though he didn’t provide any extra context for what he’s working on beyond the Death Stranding title displayed on one of his screens. The opposite monitor looks to show different audio levels being edited. Put all of this together and the best possible outcome is that a new trailer is coming.

Whatever the new trailer contains, assuming that is what Kojima is teasing as people have come to expect, it’ll hopefully reveal some gameplay from Death Stranding. We barely know anything about the game’s story that’s remained mysterious thanks to Kojima’s secrecy, but there’s even less known about the gameplay that’ll actually be in the game. During the trailer shown above that was revealed last year during E3, we saw the game’s protagonist Sam (who’s played by Norman Reedus) traversing an open world while outfitted with his hi-tech gear. The game looked pretty and still as mysterious as ever, but open-world exploration wasn’t exactly the gameplay that people were looking for.

If any more evidence of Kojima’s plans was needed, we can look to his past reveals as an example. The E3 trailer above was originally teased last year on May 14th in a similar tweet before it was revealed in June, so while Kojima is a bit ahead of scheduled this year, perhaps the new trailer will be revealed during June’s E3 showcase.

Death Stranding does not yet have a release date, though perhaps we’ll see it on the PlayStation 5 as well as the PlayStation 4.



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