Death Stranding Update Lets Players Turn Off a Repetitive Feature

death stranding 10
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

A new update for Death Stranding has been released by Kojima Productions to give players an option to disable a feature they might’ve found repetitive and annoying. After downloading and installing the update, players will find that there’s a new option in their settings titled “BT Encounter Warning.” Disabling this option means t hat you won’t have to see a warning animation play every time you start to head into an area that’s inhabited by BTs.

Kojima Productions announced the release of the update on social media on Friday, though if you’re still working your way through Death Stranding at the start of this weekend, you may have already downloaded it. A screenshot of the menu shows where you’ll be able to find the option along with a description of what it’ll do when players mess with it.

“Choose whether the extended warning will appear every time you encounter BTs, or only the first time,” a description of the warning option said.

If you’ve been playing through Death Stranding long enough to encounter a BT, you’ll already have an idea of which warning animation this option will disable. It’s the short scene that plays whenever Sam Bridges enters an area inhabited by BTs and results in his Odradek springing into action to alert him of the danger.

It’s one of those moments that can create tension when you know you’re about to go into a volatile area, but after you’ve seen it over and over when you’re just trying to make some deliveries, it’s something that could quickly wear on you when you have to watch it every time. Having the option to turn it off now may not do much for people who have already finished the game, but if you’re on a second playthrough or are shooting for the Platinum trophy, it’s a helpful setting.


This option will also be useful for the new group of players that’ll be enjoying Death Stranding whenever it releases outside of the PlayStation 4 platform. Sony announced late last year ahead of the release of Death Stranding that the game would be coming to the PC platform as well. That’s supposed to happen in the summer, but a specific date has not been shared yet.

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima is also already working on his next project with more plans for the future being teased beyond just video games.