Def Jam May Be Teasing a New Game

When they were released for PlayStation 2 and GameCube back in "the day", the Def Jam wrestling games were nothing short of awesome. Def Jam Vendetta featured great gameplay with a number of rap superstars (could anyone beat DMX?); and Def Jam: Fight For NY followed suit nicely with even more variety and action.

But since then, the series has gone by the wayside. Def Jam: ICON came out a few years ago for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but was more of a straight-up fighting game instead of wrestling. And since then, well, we haven't seen anything. But that might change soon enough.

Def Jam has been posting some tweets on its account suggesting that it may be looking into a return to video games. But what, exactly? A new Vendetta? A new Fight For (insert city here)? Actually, it appears to be suggesting both.

The first tweet actually happened back in June, with an image of Def Jam Vendetta hinted at for PlayStation 4, with a silhouette of a yet unrevealed cover star. The company then asks, "HYPOTHETICALLY, who'd you like to see on the cover if this game made a comeback?" You can see it for yourself below.

Now, the tweet has gotten pretty good traction -- along with some key replies from fans of Vendetta. But we didn't hear anything since from the company, so we forgot about it.

However, another tweet recently came up today, with the company asking what location fans would want to see a Def Jam video game take place in. There are four different options available, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. (I guess they've had enough of New York…?) You can see the tweet below.

Now, it seems like the company might be building up to something. But take it with a grain of salt for a couple of reasons.

First off, it did say, in capital letters, "HYPOTHETICALLY," so more than likely it was feeling things out to see what kind of response it would get from the community. Secondly, even if it did announce a new Def Jam game, it would probably need to find a new publisher, since Electronic Arts is focused more on mainstream releases like Anthem and Battlefield V at the moment and not so much a wrestling game. (Still, you never know -- Vendetta and Fight For NY did very well for them.)


For now, you can easily check these tweets out, along with the responses and imagine what a more current Def Jam Vendetta game would look like. We'd certainly welcome it back, because the early games were nothing short of awesome. ICON was okay too, but a little too different for its own good. Bring back the wrestling we know and love. (Oh, and DMX too, please.)

You can check out the older Def Jam games for classic consoles now!