Destiny 2 Team Confirms Return of Collectibles, Could We Be Seeing the Return of Dead Ghosts?

Bungie's Game Director Christopher Barrett answered one simple question regarding collectibles in [...]


Bungie's Game Director Christopher Barrett answered one simple question regarding collectibles in Destiny 2, but the implication could mean the return of Dead Ghosts and more to the world of the MMO's sequel.

With a big announcement slated for January 11th inviting fans into the future of Destiny 2, it's very likely that this will be one of the future goals addressed in the discussion. For those unfamiliar with Dead Ghosts, they were collectible items from the first game that players could collect to unlock Grimoire Cards. Unlike the sequel, the first game was lacking a narrative direction until the later expansions, so the Grimoire Cards offered a story element for players to learn more about the lore and construct more of a solid narrative for the events set in the franchise. It was also an engaging aspect to the game that kept players interested in finding more, which could be just the thing Destiny 2 needs now.

Bungie has definitely been in some hot water with fans since launch. Though they made good on their promise for an intricate story, much deeper than its predecessor, many had an issue with some of the changes that didn't translate so well from the first title, and the lack of post-game options that many found undesirable. The team has also come under fire under locking many in-game items behind paywalls, including previously available content being locked for those opting out of purchasing the Curse of Osiris Expansion. Though that particular issue has been tackled already in a recent patch, there is still much left to discuss and Bungie plans to do just that on Thursday.

Hopefully the Thursday reveal will also confirm a few leaks floating around about the second expansion, which had quite a lot of information revealed already if proven true. For now, fans can enjoy Destiny 2, and the upcoming Crimson Days event, on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.