Destiny 2's Overpowered New Gun Destroys PvP, Players Are Not Happy (UPDATED)



One Bungie community manager has given a status update regarding the issue:

Destiny 2's first official expansion is now here and players couldn't wait to get down on some Curse of Osiris. With the new season ringing in, there is new gear, a re-vamped reward system, and more changes on the rise for the Bungie shooter - but one of the new guns is making a different sort of splash; ones some aren't too happy with.

The Prometheus Lens is one of the exotic weapons that has made its way into the world of Destiny, and it didn't take long before Guardians noticed how overpowered the weapons actually is. In a recent forum post, one player even joked "Trials is 100% canceled this weekend" because of the Prometheus' intense mechanics.

The original post states:

"If you don't know what a Prometheus Lens does to your asshole in PvP then you are in for a rude awakening. We are talking Destiny launch Vex Mythoclast levels of broken. Curious if Bungie can actually hotfix this thing or if they are going to just cancel Trials altogether. It's impossible to play crucible right now unless you have one."

Immediately other players rallied comparing it to previous OP weaponry in Bungie's universe. Some were even wondering how such a huge difference went unnoticed by the team, with one commenter stating, "You'd think something this instantly noticeable would get, well, noticed ..."

To see the spray and fray in action, which was the driving force behind the latest discussion, check out the Twitch clip below:


No doubt, as with previous issues much like this one, Bungie will address this issue in their "known issues list" update within their weekly blog post. Until now, rack 'em up boys and spray while you can (if that's what you're into).

Destiny 2 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.