Destiny 2 Server Downtime Scheduled, Big Promises Made For 2018

Destiny 2

One game that has seen quite a bit of turbulence over the past few months is Destiny 2. Between content locked behind certain gates and issues with items disappearing, Bungie has faced quite the firestorm with their sequel. But the company is promising to make it right, and it's beginning with a little…maintenance. Relax, it's leading to something bigger.

The company recently revealed on its blog page that it has said maintenance scheduled for January 3rd, going from 7 AM PDT to 12 PM PDT. That's only five hours, but those devoted Destiny 2 players should appreciate the warning ahead of time. Once the maintenance is over, the hotfix will be in place, and players will be able to log back in and download the latest update for the game.

Bungie hasn't provided all the notes for the patch just yet, but the company did note that it "will address issues related to Iron Banner and Faction Rallies access," stuff that affected the locking out of certain content with the first expansion of the game. Fortunately, the update looks to provide full access, without holding anyone back.

But this is merely the beginning, as the developer looks to right the ship, so to speak, to its millions of fans. The community manager for Bungie, DeeJ, recently tweeted out a message indicating that it was looking to make some serious moves, as indicated in the message below, indicating that "we have a lot to talk about for 2018." But what, exactly?

Following that, dmg04, who serves as Destiny Player Support for Bungie, also tweeted out his own message, indicating that the company was listening to feedback and, again, looking to make things right. He didn't say what specifically, but he encouraged players to "keep it coming," as you can see in the tweet below. He also mentioned something about "endgame," but it may be too soon to tell what that means just yet.


Could Bungie be scuttling the microtransaction system for the game, or perhaps providing something that makes it fairer for players? Again, without all the details, it's hard to tell just what's up. But things are likely to get better for Destiny 2 fans sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.