‘Detroit: Become Human’ Dev Has Some ‘Great News’ Coming In 2019

The developers at Quantic Dream had a pretty good year, with its latest release, Detroit: Become Human, clearing two million copies sold, adding to its continuing success on the storytelling game front. But it appears that there’s more where that came from as the team has teased something big on the horizon for 2019.


It posted on Twitter earlier today, not only thanking fans for the success that it’s achieved with Detroit this year, but also hinting that there’s some “great news” on the way, though they didn’t indicate what it is just yet. You can see the tweet (and the “group applauding” GIF) below:

There is some speculation that we could see some downloadable content for Detroit: Become Human, focusing on Hank and Connor. At least, that’s what fans seem to be wanting, based on the tweets below.

Then there are a couple of oddball requests, because reasons.


Whatever Quantic has planned, it’s sure to be intriguing, based on what we saw from the game this year. More Androids!

Detroit: Become Human is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.