Devil May Cry 6 PS5 and Xbox Series X Release Date Hinted at by Insider

Devil May Cry 6 is real, but apparently it's not releasing anytime soon. Last year, Capcom resuscitated the DMC series with Devil May Cry 5, which not only sold millions of copies, but was one of the highest-rated games of 2019. At the moment publishing, a follow-up has not been announced, but many have been assuming that following DMC 5's success, one is inevitable. And it looks like these assumptions are sound.

Over on Twitter, prominent industry insider and leaker Dusk Golem confirmed that Capcom is making Devil May Cry 6, however, don't expect to see it anytime soon. The insider doesn't spill any additional details on the project, but they do note that fans should "get ready to wait for several years." If used in its most literal stance, this means, at the earliest, we'll see Devil May Cry 6 is in 2022, as the word literally means more than two, but not many. That said, "several" is often used pretty loosely so take this bit with an extra grain of salt.

Unfortunately, this is where the rumor ends. And this may be because either the game isn't in active development yet or if it is it's in the very early stages of development. That said, and hypothetically speaking, if the game is 2022 or 2023 bound, it means we probably won't see it until 2021 at the earliest. That said, if its development goes anything like the development of Devil May Cry 5, it will leak multiple times before reveal.

If Devil May Cry 5 is "several years" away from 2020, then it will certainly be a PS5 and Xbox Series X, though, depending on how quickly it gets here, PS4 and Xbox One versions are a slight possibility.

Of course, take everything here with a grain of salt. While the source in question has proven reliable in the past, it doesn't change the fact that nothing here is official, and even if it's accurate, it's also subject to change.


At the moment of publishing, Capcom has not commented on this rumor and it's unlikely it will as it has a pretty strict "no comment" policy when it comes to rumors.