Diablo 4 Rumor Claims Release Date Is "Questionable"

The release date of Diablo 4 is reportedly in doubt. Diablo 4 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023 and it comes after almost a whole decade of Diablo 3. The franchise is slated to make its grand return later this year and is expected to arrive when Microsoft hopes to close its acquisition of Activision. However, the FTC's antitrust lawsuit that aims to block the acquisition could delay that whole ordeal. Either way, Activision will continue to operate as normal until the deal closes and that means getting Diablo 4 out the door in a condition that is satisfactory for both players and shareholders.

A ResetEra user by the name of Horns began sharing some information that may lead fans to worry about Diablo 4. Horns correctly noted that Tango Gameworks' Hi-Fi Rush would have a shadow drop release during the Developer Direct event earlier this week before it had been announced. Hi-Fi Rush was rumored to appear at the event, but as far as we have seen, no one had actually said that it would release that day. With that said, Horns began revealing other information such as the fact Starfield and Redfall are in rough shape, but the latter is in better condition. Diablo 4 is also in rough shape and its June 6th release date was called into question. As of right now, it seems like it's still penciled in for a June 6th release date, but it could move given its condition. 

We have no idea what the problem is beyond the fact that it's in "rough" shape. However, Activision has been struggling with its releases in recent memory. Although Call of Duty has been a commercial success, the last few games have had a number of significant bugs and glaring issues that really held the products back. Whether or not the Microsoft acquisition would allow for Activision to have the flexibility of delaying these games more remains to be seen, but the decisions for Diablo 4 will have to be made without Microsoft.

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