Rumor: DICE Testing Out a Battle Royale Mode For Battlefield 5

Battlefield V

Not even 24 hours after we reported that Activision was considering a Battle Royale mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, it appears that Electronic Arts is ready to give it a try as well.

A report from VentureBeat indicates that DICE is toying around with the idea of including a Battle Royale mode in its yet-to-be-announced sequel Battlefield V. The mode is reportedly in the "testing" phase, as the developer is trying to figure out how to configure the gameplay into the multiplayer mode, in which players will fight it out until there's just one left standing.

Right now, the mode is just in a prototype phase, so it's unknown if it'll be added to the final game in time for its release, or provided as a free update following its launch. DICE has been known to update its shooters with additions in the past, including the new Night of Endor mode available in Star Wars: Battlefront II, as well as the debut of its popular Conquest mode in previous Battlefield games.

Electronic Arts hasn't said a word about the game -- and more than likely won't until its EA Play event takes place in Hollywood, California around the same time as the Electronic Entertainment Expo. So for now, take this news with a grain of salt. However, given the popularity of Battle Royale games like Fortnite and Player's Unknown Battlegrounds, it wouldn't surprise us in the least if AAA publishers were toying around with the idea of trying to fit such a mode into its hit franchises.

The only real question is if a Battle Royale mode would be a proper fit for a game of Battlefield's stature. We've seen new modes get added to a game like this in the past, becoming popular with the community. But Battle Royale kind of changes the rules around a little bit, though it keeps the "free-for-all" way of thinking within its gameplay. How that would work with something like Battlefield V remains to be seen, but we're crossing our fingers that DICE figures out a way to pull it off.


Battlefield V will reportedly ship later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Hat tip to VentureBeat for the scoop!)