Digimon Survive Introduces Two New Characters, Details Character Death

As mentioned above, we also got new details about character death in the game. We already knew [...]

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(Photo: Bandai Namco)

A slab of new Digimon Survive details has surfaced via Bandai Namco that introduces two new, main characters, as well as provide insight into the game's choice system, and how it specifically plays and works with character death.

One of the new characters introduced is Aoi Shibuya, who is described as an honest and gentle upperclassmen, with an articulate personality. Aoi handles the cooking and security of the base, and her partner is Labramon.

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(Photo: Bandai Namco via Siliconera)

Then there is Minoru Hyuga, who is classmates with the protagonist Takumi. Described as the talkative optimist of the gang of friends, Hyuga is known to open and be transparent with virtually anybody he meets, and despises conflict, particularly arguments. A stable personality with the knack to occasionally take wild actions, his partner is Falcomon.

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(Photo: Bandai Namco via Siliconera)

As mentioned above, we also got new details about character death in the game. We already knew Digimon Survive's story unravels in a visual novel-esq fashion and that choices will be a pivotal part of its unraveling, but now we know there will be various outcomes to your choices, who you decide to spend time with, and how you act over the course of the game. And depending on your choices, some characters can die as a result.

It's unclear how many characters can die, and whether it's possible to beat the game without losing any characters. Usually with games like this, if you make all the right decisions, then everyone can survive, but that isn't specified.

What's interesting is that Digimon Survive sounds like a mature, more darker story in the Digimon universe, which isn't very common. It will be interesting to see how Bandai Namco approaches crafting it, and whether or not the game will be kid-friendly or not.

Digimon Survive is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It is poised to release sometime next year, 2019.

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Source: GamesTalk via Siliconera