Discord Is Adding Threads

Discord will gain a new feature in the future when the social platform adds threads to give people [...]

Discord will gain a new feature in the future when the social platform adds threads to give people new ways to organize their conversations. Similar to how other communication apps like Slack allow people to create threads, Discord's upcoming feature will let people continue their spin-off conversations without derailing the rest of the conversation. This feature is still said to be early in the testing phase though, so it might be a while still before Discord users are able to use threads themselves.

TechRadar shared the first news on the new Discord feature and showed off what the threads will look like. According to a hands-on experience described by the outlet, threads work by clicking on a new icon that'll be placed over messages in a Discord channel when you hover over those individual messages. By selecting the new button, you'll create a new thread. That thread can then be given a name so that everyone remembers what you were talking about in the first place with other options like how long the thread stays live also configurable. You can set a thread to last for a week, for example, at which point it'll be archived once a week has passed.

Should you close out of the thread, you'll be able to access it once again via a selection of threads listed at the bottom of the main channel where the thread in question originated. The video above from TechRadar's Bill Thomas shows the feature in action.

This feature is also meant to be different from the similar Discord feature that allows people to reply directly to one another in conversations in case you're wondering what it'll look like next to that option. While it's easy to imagine Discord conversations becoming even more cluttered with multiple threads adding more to the interface, those who've been in busy channels on Discord or Slack can already attest to how cluttered some of those channels get when multiple people are having their own separate conversations, so this thread future will at least give people a way to make sure their side talks remain separate from the main talks going on in the channel.

A release date for the new Discord feature hasn't yet been announced, so expect to wait a while longer on it since it's so early in testing.