Does Sonic the Hedgehog Have a Post-Credits Scene?

After a delay following the online reaction to the initial designs for the character, Paramount Pictures' Sonic the Hedgehog movie is now playing in theaters! Fans have been looking forward to the movie for years and after bashing the original look for the character and having it re-worked they've got a lot to look forward to with the new movie. Post-credit scenes for major studio movies are completely common place now and for fans eager to see more of the world of Sonic once the credits start rolling, you're in luck, as the movie has more than one bit of footage to keep you glued to your seat.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Sonic The Hedgehog! Continue reading at your own risk...

There are actually two scenes that play out during the credits for Sonic The Hedgehog, but neither appear at the end of the credits. The first scene begins not long after the credits start and sees Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik stranded on a world of giant mushrooms shaving his head. Having been left there for an undisclosed amount of time, his moustache has begun to grow to an outrageous length and his shoulders have bulked up from carrying rocks around. As a result of these things, he's starting to turn into the Robotnik that we know from Sonic video games.

The second scene plays out mid-way through the credits and will no doubt make theaters roar with applause around the world. In the movie, a warp ring opens up outside of Green Hills and a very familiar pair of shoes walk out of them as none other than Tails makes his big screen debut (looking very video game accurate we might add). The tiny fox steps out while holding a tracker of some sort, as his signature music plays in the background, revealing that he has tracked down Sonic to our world and saying that he has to warn him. As he steps off, his two tails reveal themselves and he flies off into the sky.

After this scene plays out, there are no other additional sequences that play out through the credits of the film, but you can still sit and watch the full credits considering the extra work that the visual effects artists had to do to get the film ready.


Starring Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey, Sonic the Hedgehog sees the titular character stranded on Earth, as Carrey's Dr. Robotnik attempts to steal Sonic's powers. On Earth, Sonic befriends Tom Wachowski (James Marsden), a former SFPD officer who helps Sonic in his struggles with the mad inventor. It remains to be seen if Sonic will find his way home by the film's end, but if he does, seeing an old friend or two would make for a great way to get fans excited for another Sonic film!

Sonic the Hedgehog is now playing in theaters!

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