Dr Disrespect Rages at Apex Legends for Handholding "Sheep" Gamers

Dr Disrespect has a love hate relationship with Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At times, he's admitted he's addicted to the battle royale game, but other times he's overtaken by rage because of it. The streamer is also a well-known critic of handholding in games and gamers who take advantage of handholding and cheap tactics. And so when these two things combine -- when the Two-Time comes across a "Sheep" in Apex Legends -- well, he's quickly set into tirade mode. This time, it was the Triple Take to blame, the game's easy-to-use sniper rifle that can be quite deadly at all ranges.

During a recent stream, the video game champion was sent to the main menu screen by an opponent who unleashed the Triple Take upon the Doc. The moment this happened, the streamer went on a rant about how he believes Respawn Entertainment is doing its best to cater to more casual, sheepish gamers.

"It's training wheels for snipers," said the Doc. "That's what it is. The Triple Take -- put a couple of little wheels on the side right, play some baby music through a walkie-talkie... that's what it is. It's pathetic. All of these...anything to let the little deer feed as well. There's sheep, and then there's wolves. And somehow, someway when developing these games, they just love to cater to little sheep."

Dr Disrespect continued, noting it makes him sick to see developers do this. Again, this isn't a new complaint from the streamer; it's one he's lodged against many games, especially Fortnite.


Dr Disrespect has been playing quite a bit of Apex Legends recently, but during the stream he decided to quit out of the game and move on, suggesting he really was frustrated with it.

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