BioWare Shifts Focus To Dragon Age 4 As Project Leads Leave Behind Anthem

Similar to Destiny, Anthem was once pitched as a game that could have a 10 year life span. But then the game hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC, earlier this year, and more or less, flopped. But not only did the game come up short critically and commercially, but it was swallowed up in multiple controversies that it probably will never recover from. All of this is to say, it doesn't look like BioWare and EA's ambitious post-launch plans for the game will come to fruition, especially now that multiple project leads are jumping ship to BioWare's main focus: Dragon Age 4.

Over the past couple of weeks, three key members of the game's development team -- lead director Jonathan Warner, lead producer Michael Gamble, and executive producer Mark Darrah -- all have left Anthem development behind. The former is poised to return to the game following his sabbatical, but the other two are going back to work on Dragon Age 4. And while this was somewhat expected, it still doesn't look good for a game that needs all the hands it can get at the moment.

According to Gamble, Anthem development is being helmed by lead producer Ben Irving and head of live service's Chad Robertson, while the rest of the game's leads have turned their attention elsewhere.

Again, a lot of this development shuffle was expected. Darrah and others were only ever brought on to Anthem because it was in a dire state and needed every person at BioWare to get it ready to launch in February. But that doesn't detract from the fact that clearly Anthem is no longer the focus of BioWare, which perhaps says all you need to know about the future of the series.

Anthem is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Meanwhile, at the moment of publishing, there's no word when Dragon Age 4 will release.

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