Dragon Age 4 Report Provides Update on Release Date

Electronic Arts held its EA Play Live showcase earlier today, and as we were told in advance, [...]

Electronic Arts held its EA Play Live showcase earlier today, and as we were told in advance, BioWare didn't have anything new to share about its upcoming RPG tentatively known as Dragon Age 4. However, that doesn't mean that news on the title as a whole hasn't come about today as a new report has now indicated when the next installment in the long-running series might end up releasing.

According to a new report from GamesBeat, BioWare and EA are still not planning to launch Dragon Age 4 for a couple more years. Specifically, the report states that 2023 is the current release window that is being eyed internally according to sources close to the project. Still, even then, it sounds as though this window as a whole isn't finalized just yet and as a result, the game could slip back even further.

Looking a bit more into the future, the report goes on to suggest that 2022 will be the year in which BioWare and EA will finally opt to start talking more about Dragon Age 4. At this point in time, we have seen multiple trailers for the title over the past few years, beginning in 2018 when the game was first announced. That being said, none of these trailers have ever shown off anything substantial from the game outside of a few teases associated with the narrative. Not to mention, the "Dragon Age 4" title isn't even a definitive one and is merely a placeholder that many are using until BioWare formally reveals the game's full name. In short, this is still very much a game that is shrouded in mystery, although some of that mystery should start to fall away within the coming year.

At this moment, the one thing we do know about for certain with Dragon Age 4 is the platforms it will be releasing on. BioWare has already confirmed that this will be a next-gen-only title, meaning that it will launch across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC whenever it does arrive.

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