Dragon Ball FighterZ Reveals Dragon Ball Super Broly's Release Date in Dramatic Trailer

The Dragon Ball Super version of Broly now has a release date in Dragon Ball FighterZ thanks to a dramatic new trailer from Bandai Namco. This version of Broly is a character that’s been talked about for a long time now and has been teased more than once through an official trailer and leaked gameplay footage, and the fighter’s release is finally approaching. Bandai Namco confirmed on Saturday that the fighter will be available to purchase on all platforms starting on December 5th.

That release date is all you need to know about Dragon Ball Super Broly if you’re one of many players who’s been waiting on his release for a while now, but you should still check out the trailer above to see what the character looks like in the game. Every trailer shows off gameplay for the different fighters, and this one is no exception, but it also shares previews of all the interactions that’ll be centered around this version of Broly. The character already has plenty of known interactions thanks to the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie like ones with Frieza, SSGSS Gogeta, and Cheelai which will all apparently play out in the game after he’s added.

The cinematics shown in the trailer appear to come from Broly’s Dramatic Finish, the ending sequence that’s shown when characters with established, memorable relationships do battle and end their fight. It’s clear that this Dramatic Finish will involve Dragon Ball Super Broly and SSGSS Gogeta, but it’s still unknown just how long and involved it’ll be. It looks like it’ll likely be the most faithfully recreated and dramatic of all the finishes though.


Those who have seen Dragon Ball Super: Broly may recognize the song that was played in the trailer as Daichi Miura’s “Blizzard” which was also named at the start of the video. While the Dramatic Finish will certainly be a cinematic one, a disclaimer said that the song wouldn’t actually be added with the DLC, so don’t expect to hear it in-game.

It was thought that Dragon Ball Super Broly’s release date in Dragon Ball FighterZ would be announced soon ever since some early scans from the Weekly Jump magazine revealed the fighter’s release date ahead of Bandai Namco’s announcement. Those previews are typically solid indicators of what’s going to happen before it’s announced, so when the magazine said the fighter would be released on December 5th, it seemed all but certain at that point.