Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Adding Cooler

Bandai Namco revealed a new Dragon Ball FighterZ character during Evo 2018 with Cooler joining the fight soon.

The brother of Frieza made his first appearance during the movie Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge, where he appeared on Earth to face off against Goku and company to avenge his fallen brother. Like Frieza, the fighter has various forms, such as the Final Form that he uses in the Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer above. While Frieza’s Final Form features a much sleeker look compared to his earlier stages, Cooler’s look exceeds that and closely resembles the first appearance of Frieza — though the surviving brother is much stronger.

Some of Cooler’s moves were shown off during the trailer, and while it’s early to know what kind of fighter he’ll be, he looks as though he’ll be a fighter similar to Android 16 — one that prefers close grapples mixed in with a few energy attacks. One of those energy attacks was demonstrated toward the end of the surprise trailer, a move called Supernova that’s shared between both Frieza and Cooler. The move is what Cooler uses to try and finish Goku off in his movie, which Goku counters with a Kamehameha in a scene that’ll likely be the Dramatic Finish clip between the two fighters.

The beginning of the trailer didn’t give any indication that Cooler would be revealed — though you might’ve been tipped off by the trailer description that hints at another mighty warrior, or the fact that this trailer was much longer than previous ones — but Cooler wasn’t totally unexpected either. The Frieza race fighter has shown up in lists of supposedly leaked characters before, and his personality lives up to his name to make him one of the more liked villains, despite him not getting nearly as much airtime as his brother or others.


A release date for Cooler hasn't been announced, but it's expected that he’ll release alongside another character in the same way that the previous fighters have been released in pairs. If previous leaks hold true, Cooler’s partner that joins him in Dragon Ball FighterZ will be Android 17, the black-haired sibling of Android 18. He’s in the game now as an assist to his android sister, but will apparently also make an appearance as a playable character.

During Evo 2018, the base versions of Goku and Vegeta were announced to be released Aug. 8.