‘Dragon Ball Game: Project Z’ Officially Revealed With Debut Trailer

Today has been a big day for Dragon Ball Z fans. First, we’ve gotten some big news about the [...]

Today has been a big day for Dragon Ball Z fans. First, we've gotten some big news about the second season of Dragon Ball FighterZ, including the debut of Jiran and Videl, as well as new versions of Gogeta and Broly. But now it's time to dig into an all new game, as the first trailer for Dragon Ball Game: Project Z has arrived, serving as "a retelling of the original story of Z."

You can view the full trailer above, and here's what you can expect from the game, which is set to arrive this year!

First up, we're given a brief history rundown of the previously released Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, as well as a look back at last year's Dragon Ball FighterZ. Project Z now joins these ranks, and begins with a narration and a quick peek at Gohan coming over to a meditating Goku, awakening him just in time to see Piccolo emerging from the clouds ahead of them.

The two prepare for what appears to be a huge battle, getting into their battle stances and launching into powerful techniques. They begin to clash as the narrator explains, "This is the story of the mysterious Dragon Balls. A story about determination, despair and hope."

Along the way, we're shown bits and pieces of characters in action throughout, including Vegeta, Frieza, and several others. There are a few fan favorites thrown in for good measure as well, including some that weren't seen in FighterZ.

As for actual gameplay, it doesn't appear that the trailer has too much, aside from Goku wandering around an open world past familiar locations, including Capsule Corp, by the Kame house, and through a mysterious forest. We then close with an image of the Dragon Balls, and a quick glimpse at the game's logo.

It's a brief teaser trailer, to be sure, but more than likely Bandai Namco will have much more to show us once E3 2019 rolls around, if not sooner.

The game has been confirmed for release this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with CyberConnect 2 named as the game's developer. Sadly, it doesn't look like it's coming to Nintendo Switch, though this could change in the future, depending on the game's popularity. We'll keep tabs to see what happens.

Enjoy the trailer above, and prepare for Project Z when it arrives sometime this year!

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