Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Confirms Kefla

DBZ Kefla 2

Even though Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting major focus with its forthcoming characters, that doesn't mean Bandai Namco has forgotten about the fan base that still supports Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. In fact, the publisher has just confirmed that a new character is joining the ranks very soon, in the form of Kefla!

According to Gematsu (based off information that originally came from Ryokutya2089), the character will be available via downloadable content based on details from the latest issue of Japanese publication V-Jump. In addition, two different reactions to her Gigantic Breaker will also be included within the game, one for when she succeeds and one for when she fails. You can see the scan with her image below, and though most of the text is untranslated, you get a general idea of what kind of power she's capable of.

DBZ Kefla

Bandai Namco hasn't provided a specific release date for Kefla just yet but between the Gamescom, EVO 2018 and Tokyo Game Show events that are coming up later this summer, we should have that information soon.

The publisher has continued to show strong support for the game even though it initially released back in 2016 for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. It's been selling quite well on those formats and has also found a pretty good audience on the Switch, as that version came out last fall. That bodes well for the company's forthcoming release of Dragon Ball FighterZ on Nintendo's platform, which should be getting a beta next month. We'll have more details on that soon.

For now though, Xenoverse 2 fans should be pleased by the news of Kefla's announcement. Now it's just a matter of seeing who else will be arriving within the game in time for the holidays. After all, earlier this summer it was confirmed that the game would see even more characters coming down the line so it's anyone's guess who else could be joining this 3D fighting party.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It's a great alternative to Dragon Ball FighterZ, providing fighting tactics in full-blown 3D arenas. But no matter which game you prefer, you'll have a blast throwing fireballs and performing superhuman feats.