Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Features the Cell Saga and a Driving Test Mini-Game

Two big parts of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot have recently been confirmed: It’s going to feature one [...]

Two big parts of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot have recently been confirmed: It's going to feature one of the best sagas in Dragon Ball Z's entire run, and it's going to have a mini-game based on one of the show's best filler episodes. New information from the latest issue of Jump magazine has confirmed these details and others to detail some of what we'll see in the Dragon Ball Z RPG when it releases early next year.

These details from the magazine were shared by Ryokutya2089 (via Destructoid and Siliconera) and confirmed that the Cell Saga will be a part of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. While it'll feature the green, power-hungry villain from that saga who is one of Goku and company's most memorable adversaries, players will also be able to control two characters who were integral to that story. Kid Gohan and Trunks will be featured as playable characters while Androids 17 and 16 featured in some way. Original episodes featuring Gohan and Android 16 will also be included.

On par to some with the importance of the Cell Saga is the driving test episode that'll also be featured in the game, an episode which ranks up there with the best of fillers. Seen in the video below for anyone who's unfamiliar with the episode, it features both Goku and Piccolo being tasked with learning how to drive a car so that they can obtain licenses. Seeing Goku and Piccolo try and do something as mundane as driving a car is entertaining enough, but it also gave us a look at Piccolo's impeccable fashion sense as he wears some street clothes picked out by Chi-Chi. We'll supposedly see a mini-game based around this episode in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Along with these known parts of Dragon Ball Z that'll be in the game, an example of original content was also given. There will be a new character in the game who's name is "Bonyu," according to the information provided, who is a former member of the Ginyu Force. Not much is known about the character other than the fact that she coms from the some planet as Jeice, the red-skinned member of the Ginyu Force. Images of Bonyu have not yet been released though to show what this new character will look like.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms in early 2020.