New Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Trailer Promises Answers to "Burning Questions"

Bandai Namco continues to play the nostalgic angle ahead of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s release with the game’s newest trailer using one of the anime’s most memorable lines. Those who watched Dragon Ball Z will recall the narrator saying things like “Last time on Dragon Ball Z” and “Next time …” but in case you’ve forgotten, the new trailer will bring those memories right back. It’s called “This Time on Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot,” and it looks to catch people up on the Dragon Ball Z story and the new adventures that are exclusive to the game.

We see some of Goku’s greatest enemies in the trailer like Frieza, Raditz, Cell, Kid Buu, and some characters who would later become allies. None of the characters themselves appear to be new in this trailer since we’ve seen them before in their own reveals, but some of the fight scenes between Goku and the others appear to be new.

It’s not all fighting all the time though as this trailer and others from before have pointed out. Goku and his friends can take part in lots of other activities like fishing and eating, the latter being one of Goku’s favorite pastimes when he’s not training or saving Earth.

One of the most intriguing parts about the game though is the prospect of learning previously unknown facts about the Dragon Ball Z story. The trailer says we’ll find answers to some “burning questions” by playing through the game while showing scenes of characters like King Kai, the Grand Elder Guru from Namek, and Frieza.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot features legendary showdowns, light-hearted side quests, and more,” says the trailer’s narrator which appears to be Kyle Hebert, a voice actor who originally narrated the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z among other roles. “But that’s not all. Watch never-before-seen story moments that answer some burning questions to the Dragon Ball Z lore.”


Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball series, has said before that we’ll see moments like these in the game. In the tweet above which was shared by Bandai Namco last year, Toriyama promised explorations of moments not featured in the manga.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on January 17th.