Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Update Will Let Players Return to Past Arcs and Quests

A free update is planned for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot that'll give players the chance to travel back in time to relive previous arcs and clean up any quests they might've missed along the way. This same update will also add a quest featuring Arale and Gatchan. Bandai Namco shared news of this upcoming update on Tuesday, though it didn't give a timeframe for when the new content and features would be released.

The tweet shared by Bandai Namco Europe that announced the release of the update included some images from the game that showed Future Trunks and Dr. Brief standing in front of some Capsule Corp. tech. Bandai Namco confirms in the tweet that we'll be using their time machine to return to past events.

We also see Goku alongside Arale and Gatchan as he presumably takes on their sub quest that's being added in the update.

It's unclear right now exactly how this time travel mechanic will work when it comes to revisiting past arcs. The bosses you faced during those storylines will presumably be alive again since you're traveling back in time, though whether or not the player maintains their present-day level and all of the abilities they've unlocked and upgraded remains to be seen. These earlier fights seem like they'd be pretty easy if that were the case, though there's always the chance that enemies in the past will scale to players' levels.

Aside from returning to arcs you've already completed, one of the more enticing benefits of this time travel feature is the opportunity to complete different sub quests that you may have missed. You might not need the rewards from these quests, but one notable benefit of completing quests for notable characters is that you might acquire their Soul Emblems to be used on your various Community Boards. Getting different Soul Emblems can bring your Community Board ranks up, especially if you've paired them well with other characters, so it's not a feature to be ignored.


Some players may have already experienced the frustration of seeing a greyed-out quest that can't be completed because you've progressed too far. Some characters that'll give these quests may die at some point in the story which will render their quests and rewards unobtainable. It's partially for this reason that the game asks you during key moments if you'd like to continue the story, so it might be wise to check for incomplete quests before moving on during these moments so that you don't have to go back in time later.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.