'Duck Hunt' NES Secret Has Gone Viral, Thanks To Seth Rogen

Years ago, a number of us (well, older gamers) enjoyed Duck Hunt on the NES, using the Zapper to blast those flying ducks into the hands of our waiting mutt (when he wasn't laughing at us, that is). But here's a fun little secret you may not have known about -- it's a two player game.

Duck Hunt

Granted, that doesn't mean you should grab two NES Zappers and try the game that way, because that's not how Duck Hunt works. But the secret has actually gone viral, thanks to a couple of tweets from actor Seth Rogen that went out earlier today. And it's making some folks want to hunt down the game and try it themselves.

It turns out that while player one can take control of the Zapper and shoot the ducks, someone can plug in a second controller and take control of the ducks. No, we're serious. Check out the tweets from Rogen below!

This has led to a number of great responses from fans, as well as Ron Funches, which you can see below.

And other fans have been having fun with the tweet as well:


Obviously, this thread is filled with all sorts of fun, but it's great to learn that Duck Hunt is actually a two player game. Now we gotta drag the NES out of the closet and give this a try for ourselves. STAND STILL, DUCK!

Duck Hunt is available for the NES. There's also a special version that was released for the Wii U years ago, though it's unknown if the two-player trick works on that version.