'Dungeons & Dragons' Acquisition Incorporated Book Details Announced

Penny Arcade has announced tons of new details about their upcoming Official D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Book at PAX East today, including the book's release date. Based on the popular podcast series produced by Penny Arcade and originally DMed by Chris Perkins and currently DMed by Jeremy Crawford, The Official D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Book will explain how to open a branch of the popular corporately organized adventuring franchise made famous in the podcast. As players complete quests, they can level up their franchise and earn a position within their company which grants them a certain degree of specialization and access to a special magic item.

Acquisitions Incorporated's eight new positions include the Cartographer, who gets to "tell" the story of how a party arrives at their destination, the Hoardsperson, who keeps track of loot, and the Occultant, who can slightly alter events to favor the party. Various positions can also interact with other franchises to learn secrets, or even influence the "main office" when it comes to corporate decisions. The new book will also include a new playable race called the Verdan, new monsters, spells, and vehicles, and a mini-campaign that takes players from Level 1 to Level 6. The cover for the book can be seen below:

Unlike most other third-party Dungeons & Dragons books, The Official D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Book gets to use the trade dress and D&D logos, along with official D&D assets. While Penny Arcade originally planned to produce the book on their own, Wizards of the Coast offered to handle production and officially partnered with Penny Arcade on the project.

The Official D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Book comes out on June 18th. The book can be pre-ordered on Penny Arcade's website.



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