Opera Singer Creates 'Dungeons & Dragons' Operatic Bard Subclass

An opera singer has created a unique Dungeons & Dragons bard subclass perfect for opera [...]

An opera singer has created a unique Dungeons & Dragons bard subclass perfect for opera lovers.

Earlier this week, Hannah Rose and Kelli Butler released a new "College of the Opera" bard subclass to use in Dungeons & Dragons' Fifth Edition. The new bard subclass is now available on DMs Guild, an online marketplace run by Wizards of the Coast that allows developers to design and sell content using official D&D content.

Not only does the new subclass add several exciting new abilities for bards, it's also inspired by Butler's experiences as an experienced opera singer. In addition to playing Dungeons & Dragons on several streaming shows, Butler is also a professional opera singer, having performed for the New Rochelle Opera and the St. Petersburg Opera as a soprano singer.

Like other bard subclasses, a bard can choose to join the College of the Opera when the reach 3rd level. Upon becoming a member of the College of the Opera, bards learn four additional languages (a nod to how many operas are performed in foreign languages) and gain the ability to cast shatter as a bard spell...since opera singers can literally shatter glass with their voice.

At higher levels, a College of the Opera bard can use one of three arias that provide valuable benefits either in or out of combat. The Aria Cantabile gives allies temporary hit points when they hear a bard's song of rest, the Aria di Bravura gives an opponent disadvantage if they miss a bard with an attack, and the Aria Parlante gives bards advantage on Charisma checks.

The subclass's best features come at 14th level, when a bard can use its Supporting Cast ability to gain Bardic Inspiration whenever an ally uses a Bardic Inspiration die. In essence, this gives a bard an inspiration die for their own use whenever they grant a die to one of their allies. In addition, a bard can also use their singing ability to capture someone's soul at 14th level, granting them benefits when interacting with that person and also affecting their ability to be resurrected. While capturing a soul might seem devious, a bard can also use that ability to protect someone's soul from being devoured or stolen from other parties.

The "College of the Opera" is an extremely creative and fun bard subclass that should delight players who love playing as bards. In addition to providing bards with some clever new abilities, it's also a subclass that mixes in-combat abilities with some effects perfect for social encounters.

The new subclass can be purchased for $1.99 on the DMs Guild. You can check out Butler's opera work on her website and see Rose in action on the weekly Worlds Apart streaming show.