Dungeons & Dragons: DMs Guild Launches Play It Forward to Benefit Creators

The DMs Guild has launched a two week initiative starting today that sees all profits go to community creators. Between now and May 17th, the DMs Guild will waive its share of all sales of community-created products sold on its sites. That means the creators who make the award-winning content that has made the DMs Guild one of the best marketplaces for Dungeons & Dragons content will receive all revenue from any sales made over the next two weeks. To help sweeten the pot for creators, the DMs Guild is also giving all products over 30 days old a 20% discount.

Launched back in 2016, the DMs Guild is a community marketplace run by OneBookShelf that allows independent creators to publish Dungeons & Dragons supplements using official D&D intellectual properties. While there's always been a ton of third-party content for Dungeons & Dragons thanks to the Open Game License that allows for the use of D&D game mechanics under certain guidelines, the DMs Guild is unique in that creators have expanded access to D&D's intellectual properties as if they were officially licensing from the company. However, the access to that IP and the use of D&D's full mechanics in products comes at a cost - 50% of royalties made on the DMs Guild is split between OneBookShelf and Wizards of the Coast.

As Wizards of the Coast has shifted its focus from flooding the market with "splatbooks" and a constant deluge of new products to focusing on a handful of books per year, the DMs Guild has helped to sate demand for more high quality content as the game's popularity has grown. The reputation of the DMs Guild has risen dramatically over the last past few years, as Wizards of the Coast has brought on several DMs Guild creators to work on various "official" D&D projects and various DMs Guild publications and anthology has received more attention and award nominations. Renowned creators like Keith Baker and Ed Greenwood have also participated in various DMs Guild projects, consulting on publications set in the campaign settings they originally created for D&D decades ago.

We'll spotlight some of the many, many great DMs Guild titles later this week, but in the meantime, check out the full marketplace today. From lore books to new classes and subclasses to full length adventures, there's something on the DMs Guild for every fan to enjoy.

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