The Kool-Aid Man Comes to Dungeons & Dragons

Now you can send the Kool-Aid Man to burst through walls and terrify your Dungeons & Dragons party, thanks to a fantastic new homebrew. Chris Lock, the creator of the popular Lasers & Liches supplement to Dungeons & Dragons, recently released a 5E monster statblock for the Kool-Aid Man. At first, the Kool-Aid Man might not seem like an obvious choice for a D&D monster, but when you remember that it's a sentient pitcher filled with a sugary drink and has a tendency to burst through walls, you start to see the possibilities for how to use it in a campaign.

The Kool-Aid Man has two forms - his Whole form when he's in a pitcher, and his Ooze form when he's just sentient Kool-Aid. As a CR 5 monster, the Kool-Aid Man is resistant to magical spells, deals double damage to buildings and structures (as he can burst through stone walls like they were made from paper) and deals out acid damage with his backsplash whenever he's attacked. The Kool-Aid Man can also run over his opponents with his Charge ability, which knocks over an opponent when he moves more than 15 feet and then attacks. The Kool-Aid Man can also boost his allies' attacks and other rolls by shouting "Oh yeah," giving them an extra d4 or d6 when they make an attack roll, damage roll, or saving throw.

As sentient Kool-Aid, the Kool-Aid Man is a lot weaker. When in his Ooze form, he's vulnerable to glass weapons but he can make a terrible "Oh no!" wail to debuff a potential attack. You can check out both statblocks below.


Whether you decide to bring in the Kool-Aid Man as a harmless distraction, or make him a horrific abomination created by a lich to ensnare thirsty adventurers, the Kool-Aid Man seems like a fun monster to use in your next D&D campaign. Be sure to check out Lock's other work on his Patreon.