'Dungeons & Dragons' Makes an Unexpected Crossover With 'Live PD'

Dungeons & Dragons is reaching whole new levels of mainstream awareness, as evidenced by the game's unexpected appearance on a recent episode of Live PD. The April 6th episode of the hit A&E reality show featured a clip in which a Warwick, Rhode Island police officer inspected a car containing two "creepy" masks displayed in its back windshield. The officer then looked inside the front of the car, where he found a copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook. "It's all starting to make sense now," said the police officer as he returned to his police cruiser. LIVE PD's host Dan Abrams then noted that "Creepy ain't a crime. Neither is D&D" before the show went on commercial break. You can view the clip below:

As its name suggests, Live PD follows police officers on nightly patrols that air live on A&E. Episodes last for two hours, and each show features feeds from multiple ridealongs in order to cut down on dead time. Part of the appeal of the show is that it provides a live, unedited look at police officers doing their jobs, while also capturing some of the crazy incidents that police are called in to handle.

While it's a bit disappointing that the police officer associated D&D with creepy masks, at least he knew enough about the game to simply move on to the next call. Dungeons & Dragons has had a rocky road to mainstream acceptance, due in large part to a 60 Minutes episode that aired in 1985 that associated the game with Satanism and demonic worship. I guess the fact that the police chose not to harass a D&D player shows how the game has grown and become part of mainstream culture in recent years.


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