Matt Colville Launches Kickstarter for a Dungeons & Dragons-Compatible Strongholds Guide

Game designer Matt Colville is launching a Kickstarter to help Dungeons and Dragons players add [...]

Game designer Matt Colville is launching a Kickstarter to help Dungeons and Dragons players add strongholds and other new features to their next campaign.

Earlier today, Colville officially launched a crowdfunding campaign for a Strongholds & Followers supplement, a new set of rules compatible with Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The book will give players guidelines to help them set up their own castle and influence the world of their campaign in radically new ways. According to the book's Kickstarter page, the book "grants new character options and opens the game up to a more political arena where nearby local powers, both good and evil, take an interest in the PCs and what they're up to."

The books adds four different types of strongholds, each of which can help players advance their personal pursuits during downtime in the game. For instance, a Tower helps wizards learn spells more quickly, while Temples give towns and armies special in-game buffs. The game also gives improvements to certain class abilities, but only when a player has recently visited their stronghold.

Stongholds can also attract new followers, like soldiers, ambassadors, artisans, and even low-level adventurers. Strongholds & Followers adds gameplay rules so that players can benefit from the people living on their land. There's even rules for uber-powered "Special Allies" like Dragons, Giants, or Demons.

Strongholds & Followers isn't a licensed Dungeons & Dragons product, but it should still be a popular addition to the D&D rulesets. After all, Colville in an established D&D personality and regularly publishes helpful videos on how to be a Dungeon Master. Many fans consider Colville to be one of the upper echelon of Dungeon Masters, on an equal level to Critical Role's Matthew Mercer. Colville is also the writer of the Critical Role: Vox Machina - Origins comic series and was the lead writer for the sci-fi shooter video game Evolve.

Stretch goals for the campaign include the addition of a new set of "gemstone dragons," complete with special miniatures, and an adventure designed to show players and DMs the best way of using the new rules.

The Kickstarter campaign for Strongholds & Followers just launched today, but it's already raised over $200,000 as of press time. You can get a PDF of the book by pledging $20 or a hardcover version for $30. Strongholds & Followers is anticipated to be released in September 2018.