Go Old School With Awesome Retro Mind Flayer D&D T-Shirt

Hot Topic has released an old-school Dungeons and Dragon t-shirt that's sure to delight both new and older fans.

The retail store has released a t-shirt featuring the original artwork for the classic "Mind Flayer" monster from Dungeons and Dragons' first Monster Manual. The t-shirt also contains the full stat block for the classic D&D monster, which is widely considered to be one of the game's most quintessential foes.

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Mind Flayers are a group of dangerous psionic creatures that live in the Underdark and share a hive mind ruled by an Elder Brain...which is literally just an oversized collection of brains stored in a shallow pool or well. The Mind Flayers' most powerful weapon is their mind blast, an attack that allows them to incapacitate their foes with a psionic blast. Also known as illithid, Mind Flayers get their nickname from the fact that they like to eat the brains of their defeated enemies by burrowing a hole in their skull and sucking out the juicy bits inside.

The Mind Flayer was originally created by Dungeons and Dragons visionary Gary Gygax and made its first appearance in a 1975 newsletter published by D&D's original publisher TSR Games. Dungeons and Dragons also included the mind flayer in its Eldritch Wizardry supplement, the same book in which the Demogorgon was also introduced to the game.

Of course, the casual fan will recognize the Mind Flayer as the name given to the 'Big Bad' of Stranger Things, a terrifying creature made of shadow and smoke that lurks in the Upside-Down and somehow controls the Demogorgon and "Demi-Dogs". In Season 2, the Mind Flayer possessed Will Byers, although it was eventually stopped by Eleven when she briefly traveled into the Upside Down to seal the rift between the dimensions. While Eleven sealed the Mind Flayer inside, we saw that the Mind Flayer was still alive and seemed to take a sinister interest in Eleven and her friends.

The t-shirt can be yours for just $20-$25 (depending on size). Hot Topic runs regular t-shirt sales, so you'll likely be able to get the t-shirt on discount.