Paizo Plans 'Dungeons & Dragons' Compatable Version of Classic 'Pathfinder' Adventure Path

Paizo is re-releasing its classic Kingmaker storyline, but this time it could be adding material to convert the path for Dungeons & Dragons. Yesterday, the publisher of Pathfinder announced plans to re-release its Kingmaker Adventure Path for its 10th anniversary. Paizo announced that Kingmaker would be re-released as a hardcover collection similar to Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne anniversary collections, with updated stats for the game's upcoming Second Edition ruleset. However, Paizo also announced that they would be partnering with the Game on Tabletop crowdfunding platform to potentially release additional material for Kingmaker. This material includes a Companion Guide containing NPC stats for characters from the Kingmaker video game released last year and a hardcover Kingmaker Bestiary that converts the various monsters and NPCs from Kingmaker for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons play.

This marks the first time that Paizo has released Fifth Edition material and is a potentially huge turning point for the company. Paizo once worked with Wizards of the Coast on Dungeons & Dragons material, including the publication of the popular Dragon magazine. However, when Wizards of the Coast released Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition, Paizo released Pathfinder as a rival tabletop game that used revised versions of D&D's 3.5 ruleset. Pathfinder briefly overtook D&D in popularity and sales, but has recently fallen behind D&D's immensely popular Fifth Edition ruleset. Pathfinder is now releasing its Second Edition ruleset, which is meant to modernize the game and add some appeal to Fifth Edition players, but it seems that Paizo is testing the waters for converting some of their older modules for Fifth Edition rules.

Pathfinder's Adventure Paths are fantastic storylines and many DMs have been converting them for D&D Fifth Edition for years. By publishing a Kingmaker Bestiary, Paizo would not only tap into a huge market of Fifth Edition players, they could also introduce players to their Golarion campaign setting and convince players to try out other Pathfinder products, including its new Second Edition.

Paizo will release additional details about their Kingmaker campaign on May 7th.



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