"Dungeons and Dragons" Getting Massive Ship Miniature

Dungeons & Dragons DMs will need to start planning some naval adventures.

WizKids revealed one of their largest miniatures yet at New York Toy Fair, a massive ship that will be released as part of their Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realm line. The ship can be used either as a battlefield or a "mood setter," and is perfect for both combat scenarios and roleplaying scenarios.

ICv2 spoke with WizKids representative James O’Brien, who explained that the ship will have multiple flippable decks. One side of the deck will have grids for combat and movement purposes, while the other side will be plain. The ship will also have functional lower decks, so that combat can occur on multiple levels of the ship at one time.

While the ship's design wasn't final, WizKids showed off a prototype at the New York Toy Fair, complete with two masts and cannon ports with hinges. WizKids' display also used several kraken tentacles and a small rowboat, although those came from a separate miniature set. Per ICv2, the ship will be a painted miniature, although WizKids might release an unpainted version of the ship at a later point in time.

WizKids has released other unconventional miniatures before, including dungeon flair based on the recent Tomb of Annihilation adventure, an adventurer's campsite, and the iconic Rusty Dragon Inn from Pathfinder. However, this looks to be WizKids' largest miniature in recent memory.

No release window or price has been given for the D&D Ship miniature, although we're guessing that it won't be cheap. You can check out photos of the new set over at ICv2.


WizKids also unveiled a new Black Dragon Trophy Plaque meant to hang on a D&D player's wall to symbolize their victory over a black dragon. This is the fourth D&D trophy plaque released, following plaques containing the heads of a Mind Flayer, Beholder, and Red Dragon.

WizKids has a busy 2018 planned for Dungeons & Dragons. The toymaker is also releasing a new Monster Menagerie III set in March, which will include the Kraken miniatures along with miniatures of several other classic characters.