Dungeons & Dragons Launches New Afterschool Kits for Schools

Dungeons & Dragons has unveiled several new programs to help get more kids interested in tabletop roleplaying games. Wizards of the Coast has announced a new series of free teaching kits that teachers can use to teach language arts and mathematics through Dungeons & Dragons. These new Teaching Kits are free to download and include a series of programs and teaching aids for Grades 4-6 and 6-8. Most of the programs adapt parts of the new Starter Set Dragons of Stormwreck Isle with writing and discussion prompts that help build a character and world and teach various math and language fundamentals. You can check out the Teaching Kits for free here. 

Additionally, Dungeons & Dragons is also releasing new Afterschool Kits which contain the new Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Starter Set along with instructions and guidelines for club organizers, a quick demo and learn-to-play guide for Dungeon Masters, easy-to-read character cards, a poster to advertise your club, and flyers all at no costs. Qualifying organizations, which includes libraries, schools, community centers, or other enrichment organizations (scouting, alternative learning centers, etc.) can receive a copy of the Afterschool Kit for free. Qualifying organizations can reach out to Wizards of the Coast for more information about 

Wizards of the Coast has traditionally offered free resources to schools and upped the free-to-play resources during the pandemic. Even Chris Pine, star of the new Dungeons & Dragons movie believes that schools should teach Dungeons & Dragons. During an interview earlier this summer, Pine spoke about learning how to play Dungeons & Dragons through his nephew, who had learned how to play during school. "Honestly, I think a D&D class or activity at every school would be a brilliant idea," Pine said. "You get all sorts of disparate people to sit down together. Even if they have nothing in common, it's virtually impossible not to get sucked into the fun of the game."