Dungeons & Dragons Releases New Monstrous Compendium for Dragonlance, Adds New Red Dragon and Walrusfolk

Dungeons & Dragons has released a new digital volume of its Monstrous Compendium series, giving Dungeon Masters several new Dragonlance monsters to use in their campaign. D&D Beyond has a new Monstrous Compendium bundle available now to all D&D Beyond subscribers. This volume contains statblocks and lore for 11 monsters from the Dragonlance campaign setting, which includes several fantastical creatures that have appeared in past Dragonlance adventures and novels. While the new Monstrous Compendium includes a new dragon (the red dragon Ember, whose power has been enhanced by Takhisis herself) and a new type of draconian, there are also several more fantastical creatures such as a Dream Eater, the Forest Master (a powerful unicorn) and the Thanoi, a race of walrus-folk. 

This marks the second release of Monstrous Compendium statblocks, following a similar release timed for just before the release of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. Like the first volume, the Monstrous Compendium is free to all D&D Beyond subscribers for a limited time. The digital releases are considered supplemental material, designed to help DMs when crafting their own stories in the recently revitalized campaign settings. 

The new release also continues Dungeons & Dragons utilizing D&D Beyond as a primary source for D&D news and digital material. Wizards of the Coast is also funneling its ongoing One D&D playtest through D&D Beyond. Wizards purchased D&D Beyond in early 2022 for over $140 million, gaining access to the digital toolset's millions of weekly users. 

You can check out the new Monstrous Compendium volume here. 


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