Dungeons & Dragons Comes to Pacific Rim, Highlander, Kong: Skull Island, and More Movies

Evil Genius Games has announced a series of "Cinematic Adventures" that will bring popular movie franchises like Pacific Rim and Highlander to life using the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. The publisher has announced a licensing agreement with Legendary Entertainment, STUDIOCANAL, and Pressman Films to turn several popular movies into tabletop roleplaying games. The Cinematic Adventures will use the Everyday Heroes ruleset, a "reboot" of d20 Modern that uses Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition rules. Each adventure will introduce a new class inspired by some facet of the film. Evil Genius will launch a Kickstarter to fund publication of Cinematic Adventures later this month. 

The eight movies that will be featured in Evil Genius's Season of Adventure include the following: 

Each of the movies will receive a 100-page Cinematic Adventure containing a campaign adventure and new rules. Several of the movies will also receive a World Book that will serve as a Campaign Setting guide to allow for longer play within those worlds. Both Pacific Rim and Kong: Skull Island are confirmed to receive World Books. 

The Everyday Heroes game engine uses the basic rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5E, but is built around six types of heroes, each of which is built around a different D&D Ability Score (i.e, the Strong Hero is built around Strength, etc.) The core base classes are supplemented by 18 subclasses, along with a variety of abilities and skills. Several expansions are already planned for Everyday Heroes, which will add vehicles, military heroes, and additional weaponry to the ruleset. 

Each Cinematic Adventure will cost $20, while all eight will be sold together at a discount for $130. More information about the adventures will be made available when the Kickstarter for Everyday Heroes and the Season of Adventure goes live on May 17th.