E3 2017: Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta Announced

Dragon Ball Fighterz

The new 2D fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ was recently confirmed today during Microsoft's E3 conference, and though the game won't be coming until 2018, it looks like players will have the opportunity to check out the gameplay quite a bit earlier, both during the E3 festivities and very soon with a closed beta.

Announced in a press release from Bandai Namco, a closed beta of Dragon Ball FighterZ will be available to players before the end of the summer. That's not a bad timeframe to get your hands on some Dragon Ball fighting action, especially with the game just now being confirmed and tons of fans hanging onto the current universe-encompassing Dragon Ball Super arc. It looks like the beta will only be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users though, so PC players will have to wait awhile to get their chance.

Developed by Arc System Works, creators of the Guilty Gear fighting games, it looks like the much-loved Dragon Ball franchise will be in good hands. This new Dragon Ball game certainly looks a lot like some of the old-school fighting games that the franchise became so popular for, and the artistic style that Arc System Works employs in the game looks absolutely fantastic.

You've got your 2D fighting elements combined with some 3D character models, and when you bring both of those together, you get a game that looks like it will remain true to the anime series.

"The Dragon Ball franchise is tailor suited for the fighting game genre, and Dragon Ball FighterZ will be the next exciting addition to a long history of great fighting games," said Eric Hartness from Bandai Namco in a press release. "Arc System Works brings a pedigree and record of quality that fighting game fans can trust; with awesome visuals players might mistake as actual 2D animation from the famed Dragon Ball series."


Of course, the animations can only get you so far. Past that point, you need some compelling gameplay and the right characters, and Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to have just that. As mentioned in the initial release about the game's announcement, one of the most notable fighters shown in the game amid other villains and Saiyans was a golden-clad Frieza. Super Saiyan Blue wasn't shown in the trailer, though that is almost certainly something that players will be hoping for after the game's release.

The press release stated that more information would come soon concerning how the beta can be accessed. Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in early 2018.