Project Scorpio Price Rumored To Be Revealed

One of Microsoft's biggest topics of discussion during their E3 conference is without a doubt [...]

(Photo: Microsoft)

One of Microsoft's biggest topics of discussion during their E3 conference is without a doubt their plans for the upcoming Project Scorpio. Logos, specifications, and other speculations have slowly begun trickling out leading up to today's Project Scorpio reveal, but one of the biggest questions that have been left unanswered is how much the flashy new console would be. In an announcement from Geoff Keighley via his Twitter account, it seems as though we may have a solid idea of what to expect in terms of cost.

While some prices have been tossed around in the past — some thought that it would be lower than $499, some thought that it would be higher due to what all the new version entails — with how powerful the console is expected to be, the price tag doesn't seem out of the question. Of course, the announcement of the speculated price generated another wave of PC vs console discussions within the comments where people debated on whether you'd be better off spending your money on a PC as opposed to the new premium project from Microsoft. Going after either platform isn't cheap either way, and many have argued that when keeping the specs in mind that include native 4k output, the price is somewhat generous.

Through Keighley's Twitter account, he also asked people to weigh in on what final name they thought the console would be given. Xbox Scorpio, Xbox Two, Xbox 10, and Xbox One X were the options he asked about, and it looks like voters are choosing to play it safe with Xbox Scorpio leading the race. If he has information about what the final price may be, perhaps his poll contains a correct answer when it comes to the final name.

New of the supposed price confirmation comes after Microsoft also announced that they'd be cutting the price of their Xbox One S just a bit, presumably in preparation for the big reveal. The Xbox One S is currently available for $250, a $50 price difference, but the offer will only be available for a limited time.

Microsoft's conference at E3 is set to begin today at 2 p.m. PT.