EA Removes Controversial FIFA 21 Ad

EA has removed a controversial FIFA 20 ad due to community backlash. A popular post from FIFA21Mistakes on Twitter drew people’s attention to microtransactions on social media and the fire only grew from there. FIFA Points are the popular in-game currency that players can purchase for real money. These points help you buy FIFA Ultimate Team packs and players, so, they make assembling a team infinitely easier. The problem is that multiple governments have been cracking down on microtransactions as gambling or at least gambling-adjacent. So, when they discovered these advertisements encouraging people to purchase the points along with the game, there was serious outrage. Packs have been a major point of emphasis for the game, as they have been in NBA 2K series as well.

"We take vey seriously the responsibilities we have when marketing EA games and experiences in channels seen by children," EA said in a statement to Eurogamer. "In spite of this, we're aware that advertising for FIFA Points has appeared in environments it shouldn't have. We have been working diligently with Smyths (toy magazine) to ensure this advertisement is not distributed in any remaining copies of their 2020 catalogue."

Back in 2018, Comicbook.com covered the popular story of a FUT player who had 8,000 pounds of debt because of the game. “pissendhelppls” described his journey on Reddit, and it’s worth a read.

“I'm a 25m from the UK. I've been addicted to spending my money on FIFA Ultimate Team ever since I had a job when I was 18, I would get my salary and as an Admin Apprentice (About £400 a month Full Time) and after my board and bus fare, spend the rest of FIFA, about £150 a month. Then as soon as my apprenticeship finished and I was put onto a more standard wage of about £800, I was spending roughly £500 monthly on the game. This is where I got myself a credit card (worst decision of my life), and got into Payday loans and asking for advances every month. This carried on for a while.”

“During this time I met my current gf in March 2013 and I had nearly gotten myself out of trouble. Due to a having a broken xbox 360, so no access to FIFA. But come to September 2013 and I was being made redundant and left with no source of income. It took me until April 2014 to find another job, this time an accountancy apprenticeship. That August in 2014 I bought myself an Xbox One and slowly but surely I got back into spending my money on FIFA again, only little bits for the moment.”


“Fast forward to November 2015 and I'm now 23. I've applied for a credit card and approved for a large amount of £3,800. This proved to be far too much for me to handle, I immediately spent large amounts on FIFA over the next coming months, going straight to my limit in a little over 3 months.”

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